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I am a certified therapeutic coach and mindfulness practitioner (MBCT, MBSR, CBT), Gestalt Psychotherapy and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy student, a member of Mindfulness Association and Lithuanian Trauma Psychology Association. I hold 4 years experience of coaching and mindfulness practice while working with both, individuals and groups. Based in Luxembourg, I facilitate Forest Bathing, Mindfulness events, therapeutic women circles, and women retreats in Cyprus. My clients are mostly women going through career and relationship crisis, experiencing self-confidence and body image issues, facing expatriation challenges.

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Born in Lithuania, I currently live in Luxembourg. Having over a decade of legal&corporate experience, I’ve been through physical and emotional hardships myself. As curious and persistent person, I have tried variety of versatile methods: psycho/body/move therapies, coaching, psychosomatics, mindfulness and the alternative ones like energetic and shamanic practices, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hemi-Sync®, Sedona method, rebefing&breathwork, constellations (Bert Hellinger), Tantra philosophy, Bioenergetic analysis, Human Design, DAO, soul rituals and past life traveling.