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Rugilė Žickytė



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Über mich selbst

Well, I am Rugilė, a psychologist & consultant, who was into secrets, magic, and art from an early age. Now my meditation is art, and I believe, that miracles are all those small things & joys in our daily life and we sure can make some magic by taking ownership of the choices we make or letting go of some old beliefs about ourselves, which are not serving us anymore. We can make all the changes we need, but sometimes some support and insights are needed from the outside - what I'm offering during our consultations.

Was gefällt Ihnen an Ihrem Beruf am besten?

I think, there are two things. An opportunity to walk beside another person and support them, while they make their life easier, more colorful, and free from beliefs and stereotypes, which are not fitting their lifestyle anymore. And the versatility of my speciality - from where I can adapt my knowledge, to the ability to see & learn from the complexity and scope of our lives.