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Having successfully attained a Bachelor of Psychology degree followed by a Master of Business Psychology, I have acquired a comprehensive understanding of this field. Together with clients we are looking for answer to questions that are mostly related to career, motivation, anxiety, burnout, mood swings, and other related topics. Changes in personal or career life, wish to understand yourself better and difficulties that come with it - are an integral part of life and maturity. Let's explore them together - I will support you and listen to you.

Вдохновение стать психологом

During my academic years, I discovered my passion for psychology as I consistently felt a strong inclination towards assisting others. I possess a genuine curiosity about the challenges individuals encounter and the strategies they employ to overcome them. Active listening to others has always come naturally to me, it was never a struggle to me.


Psychology Bachelor

авг. 2013 г. - май 2017 г.

Master's of Business Psychology

авг. 2018 г. - май 2021 г.